Half-marathon for Christmas - half marathon running

A half-marathon for Christmas

8 weeks to run his first half-marathon. This is what it took for Sébastien to achieve this ambitious goal.

After a long running break, Sébastien started to run again. He wanted a personalized plan for his level and for his lifestyle. Busy work week and week-end with friends across Europe, the plan had to be flexible and achievable.

We focused the first weeks on short and easy run during the week and longer run on the week-end to simply build up a certain running routine again. Winter time was coming, it was dark early but Sébastien was focus on his goal and he trusted the process. It was not always easy but slowly but surely we could increase the distance. 8km, 10km, 12km…16km…

A little strength training routine in place to stay injury free, bi-weekly call to celebrate progress, answer his questions and prepare his mindset for the race. 8 weeks later he crossed the finish line of his first half-marathon... just on time for the perfect Christmas gift 🎁.

Congrats again Sébastien, you really achieved something great in a short period of time.

🤙🏼 Respect!

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