A Marathon on your bucket list

A Marathon on your bucket list

If you've completed a half marathon and dream of crossing the finish line of your first full marathon, allow Alexis' inspiring journey to ignite your motivation.

Alexis approached me seeking support and guidance for his first marathon. Four years ago, he aspired to conquer the Paris marathon but encountered an injury. Determined not to let setbacks hinder his dreams, he looked for extra assistance to get there while enjoying the process.

During his journey, Alexis faced some leg discomfort, causing frustration. Understanding his struggle, I reassured him, providing hope and weekly motivation and personalized support. We implemented mobility exercises, stretching routines, and core workouts to safely increase his distance. I told him, 'Next week, you'll run your 21k,' and he did it! Momentum was backed on. Alexis went on to complete 25k and 30km runs, realizing the importance of preparing his body for the challenge ahead.

While many claim marathon training necessitates sacrifice, my coaching philosophy centers around integrating training into your life, not the other way around. With a manageable schedule of three runs per week and a core routine, we tailored his program to fit his work schedule and even accommodate holidays. Running in diverse weather conditions and terrains made the journey even memorable.

Stronger, lighter, and mentally confident, Alexis was ready to conquer his first marathon in just over four hours. Finally, he could proudly check 'Running a marathon' off his bucket list.

The day before the race, doubts inevitably surfaced—proof of his deep investment. My main advice? You'll never feel 100% ready. Don't delay your dreams any longer—seize the moment and go for it!


If you want to run faster and longer, get in touch with me directly by filling out the online contact form to make progress faster and get all my encouragement and positive support, anywhere, anytime.

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