Couch to 21k- half marathon running

Couch to 21km

If you are just starting with running, you struggle to run more than 10 minutes and you are wondering how others managed to run 21km, check out Yvara’s results.
She reached out to me saying «  William, I signed up for a 16km run with my company but I have no clue how I will get there ». I recommended her to start with the Couch to 5k and this is how we started. 3 walk/run per week for the first 4 weeks to see how it goes. I also gave her some advices on how to prevent injury so she could build a little strength and mobility routine next to her running plan. Slowly but surely she was feeling more and more comfortable with running.
After 4 weeks we could stop with the walk break and start increasing the distance. 5k in one go,  10k in one go,  15k in one go.
In September the 16km race got cancelled….
Motivation went a bit down because she trained hard for it. We had a call and look at the situation with a different perspective. What if 16km was simply a milestone for a next step and what if this cancellation was an amazing opportunity to become a person who doesn’t give up no matter what. She did the 16km on her own and signed up for the half-marathon one month later. The rest is history :)

Thanks against so much for your trust Yvara and congrats again to you for not giving up, trusting the process and running to the finish line with a smile.

If you want to run faster and longer, get in touch with me directly by filling out the online contact form to make progress faster and get all my encouragement and positive support, anywhere, anytime.



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