New running passion

When running becomes your new passion

10km, 21.1km, 42.2km…. If you are wondering how being a mum of a little boy, working full-time and training for a Marathon without any particular sport background is possible, I let you get inspired by Bahia’s results. .

When we started, she was already running between 5 and 10km and wanted to run her first 21km. With her busy schedule, she needed a personalized training, easy to follow and not too much time consuming. Week after week, she was making progress and we even increased the distance faster than expected. We started to also build a great relationship with bi-weekly call and almost daily messages. When sharing her progress on instagram she created a great community of Beer enthusiasts and runners around her. She even started to become an inspiration for a lot of them :). A community where nobody judges you on your time and speed. If you enjoy nice beers and great food, I am not here to tell you to stop.

After 3 months she ran her first non official 21km. 3 months later was the official semi de Paris (half-marathon). It was soooo hoot on that day but she managed really well and got her first medal in the pocket… and not the last one. After this race she reached out to me again telling me: « Do you think I can do the Marathon in April? » This is what I like with this coaching journey. I help you build confidence and a good fitness/running level to reach a first milestone. Then you get into the mindset « I can do anything ».

We had 6 months to prepare the Marathon and it was great because we could increase progressively the distance, spend a bit more time on strength training to prevent injuries from happening and of course enjoy some more than deserved holidays break. . She is now an incredible Marathon runner. She did it.

A marathon is a big challenge. You never feel completely ready, you start doubting a few weeks before with small injury, it gets more busy at work and you can’t always train as you want. I am here to encourage you until the start of the race, remind you how far you have come and give you some final tips.

I am super proud of what Bahia achieved and we are still working together for a 2nd Paris Marathon and some longer trail.


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