Turn your dream into reality - Half Marathon running

Turn your dreams into reality

« What would be your craziest running dream? » « My dream would be to be able to run 21km one day… even better would be to finish under 2h »

This is what Sophie told me on our first chat before signing up for my coaching program. I like working with people like that. I see stars in their eyes and I can feel the motivation they have to get there. But they are also aware of the upcoming challenges and they are ready to take the leap. The step by step program I created for her was composed of 3 runs per week and some strength training. She would also go to yoga classes once a week on her own.

Every week were really smooth, she was making progress fast and the easy runs became personal record… without pushing. Anything can happen thanks to consistency, pleasure of running and a good dose of positivity and encouragement when she was doubting about wether or not she would be able to make it

There is always a time of doubt during a 3-month journey. The first month is exciting, the second month can be more difficult with busy work, holidays, stress, winter time coming or hot summer days. This is why along this experience I made her a list of all the accomplishments she made so far, small and big, to build up her confidence to go for it. Being able to run in the morning before work; Running in the rain ; Running on holidays ; Running 3 times per week ; Running 5km; Running 10km; Running 15km; Running Personal record etc.

Within 3 months she made one of her dream comes true. I am really happy to have helped her realize one part of her dream.

We couldn’t make it under 2h yet. I am not a magician but one thing is sure: when you shoot for the moon you will at least land among the stars.

Join me and be inspired to reach for the stars. Your running dream awaits!


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